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Boost fan engagement
and revenue

Give the fans what they deserve!
All your content in one place so your fans can immerse themselves in your story, news and conversations.

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our vision

A dedicated environment for all your content, music, video, merchandise, tickets, websites, and social media, providing deeper engagement and a more rewarding experience for your fans.

our mission

We partner with you and provide unique and powerful tools needed to build, grow, and ultimately monetize your fan base while providing an intimate user experience.

We enable clients to develop, manage, and exploit their physical and online presence along with their assets, products and services

global saas

Rapid Application Development Platform

We enable clients to develop, manage, and exploit their physical and online presence along with their assets, products and services

Having a mobile app makes sense …

Increases social following, interaction, engagement, awareness and provides the ultimate branding experience.

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“Finally my fans feel that I am connected to them and that they are my friends”

Coffe shop owner

“Now I can provide an efficient and effective way for my patrons to stay up-to-date on the latest deals.”

Store owner

“I can finally reach my customers in a much more effective way!”

Total control of social content and fans

Complete monetization of your brand

Maximised reach of your total fanbase

who we are

We have dedicated teams to get you to the next level. We capitalize on extensive experience in media, digital marketing, branding, social content, and we work with the best firms out there.

“Our mobile applications give a new meaning to - Connecting Brands with their Fans.” ~ Neal Blaak Founder Electrifying Ventures

how it works

Control all content and fans from one mobile app

When fans download your app, they can view all your social and steaming content, from all platforms, in one place. You decide what you want them to see, giving you total control of your image.
​Your app users can be monetized multiple ways, such as monthly subscriptions, exclusive content, and ad revenue.​
This means you create an intimate, fan-based user experience, and a way to monetize immediately, and into the future.​

We understand you need to reach more of your fans. That's why we designed our app to push your content from all platforms, directly to your fans on their mobiles, instead of you trying to beat algorithms for your fans to see your content.

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We make sure your investment continues to make you money over time, growing your revenue as your brand thrives

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Chief Commercial Officer

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