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Your App Features

Your mobile app provides a branded platform that gives you the means to improve your branding and fan experience and maximize monetization of your content.


This means you're no longer dependent on the restraints of social media or streaming platforms to reach your fans or monetize your content.

Personalised UX

Your app will be designed exactly how you want it, and will give you control over the content your fans see. This means you decide how your fans see you - you control your image.

All social content

Our app merges your social media audience from different platforms, allowing you to engage with your followers and fans in a more powerful, meaningful way.

Smart Monetization

Your app helps you to monetize your content more efficiently, and let's you keep the money it generates, instead of it going to a social platform.

Ads and subscriptions

With control of your own app, you decide the frequency at which you show ads to your users, providing you with a new revenue stream.

Real-Time Analytics

Our app provides real-time analytics to help you track fan behavior and preferences so you can make better decisions and maximize reach.

Exclusive content

You can use your app to give fans premium 'app-only exclusives' at a one-off charge, to increase fan engagement and monetization.

Start increasing your brand revenue

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