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Boost fan engagement and content revenue

The average social media engagement rate is only 2%. So, most celebrities and influencers don't reach all their fans, or maximize money made off their followers.

By sharing content directly with fans via an app you control, your content will be center stage, and your brand can be monetized with multiple revenue streams.

How it works

Control all content and fans from one mobile app

When fans download your app, they can view all your social and steaming content, from all platforms, in one place.  But, you decide what you want them to see, giving you total control of your image.

Your app users can then be monetized through multiple ways, such as monthly subscriptions, exclusive content, and ad revenue.

This means you create an intimate, fan-based user experience, and a way to monetize immediately, and into the future.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Total control of social content and fans

Complete monetisation of your brand

Maximised reach of your total fanbase

Why have your own app?

Solve social media problems and profit at the same time

Online Communicatons

Increase fan engagement

The average engagement rate is only 2% - your app can at least double that

We understand you need to reach more of your fans. That's why we designed our app to push your content from all platforms, directly to your fans on their mobiles, instead of you trying to beat algorithms for your fans to see your content.

Make money five ways

With our monetization system, your content is monetized effectively, and the money stays in your pocket

Advertising revenue, fan subscriptions, and monetised content

Platform integrations, data analytics, and superiror user experience

Using Mobile Phone
Staring at a Screen

+100% ROI in 3 years

We make sure your investment continues to make you money over time, growing your revenue as your brand thrives

App features

New revenue streams, fan analytics, personalised UX & more

Our app provides you with a complete suite of features to grow your brand and engage with your fans.

- Personalised, branded app design

- All social content in one platform

- Ad and subscription revenue

- Smart content monetization

- Real-time data analytics

- Exclusive content

Start increasing your brand revenue

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